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FREE Shipping with orders over €30 in the Republic of Ireland
FREE Shipping with orders over €30
in the Republic of Ireland

Minimed Tapes and Adhesives

  • €28.31

    Skin Tac™ Wipes

    Skin Tac wipes help tape adhere to skin at the insertion site. Latex-free and hypo-allergenic Details: Hypo-allergenic, latex-free 50 units per bo...

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  • €23.89

    Tac Away™ Adhesive Remover Wipes

    Tapes and adhesives can leave residue behind. Tac Away adhesive remover wipes help keep skin at the insertion site clean. Non-acetone 50 units per...

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  • €13.91

    Screen Film Kit for MiniMed pumps

    Protect your pump’s screen from minor scuffs caused by daily wear and tear. Kit includes: 3 screen films, cleaning cloth, instructions ACC-820: Co...

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  • €76.25

    Tegaderm™ Latex-free Tape

    Tegaderm’s HP latex-free tape provides secure dressing at the insertion site and can withstand different conditions. Clear tape dressing Continues...

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  • €49.20

    Shower Pak

    Protect and Move - Keep your pump or CGMS dry while showering with Medtronic's Shower Pak ®  Plastic shower bags Wear around neck or hang on ...

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  • €62.72

    IV 3000 Transparent Dressing

    IV3000 Transparent Dressing is an adhesive film that could be used to cover and protect the sensor and transmitter. Waterproof 100 units per box ...

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  • Sold out

    Polyskin II Tape Dressing

    A transparent dressing cover which can be used to cover the infusion site. It consists of a thin polymer film coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive...

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  • €62.72

    Infusion Set IV3000 Transparent Dressing

    Customized c-shape transparent tape, designed to fit around Quick-set™, Silhouette™, Sure-T™ and Mio™ infusion sets. Made from breathable Reactic™...

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