Medtronic i-Port Advance™ 2 Pack

Medtronic i-Port Advance™ 2 Pack

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Medtronic i-Port Advance ™ Injection Port is a product that can be used by both adults and children who use a pen or syringe to inject prescribed medications.


    The following 6 questions must be responded to in order to proceed to the checkout area.

    Diabetes Type:

    I agree to review the instructions for use (in the box) before commencing use of i-Port Advance ™ and adhere to the recommendations.

    I understand not to use a pen needle shorter than 5 mm or longer than 8mm when injecting into i-Port Advance

    I understand that i-Port Advance ™ can be used for 72 hours or 75 injections maximum.

    I understand that Bolus insulin should be injected 60 minutes before Basal insulin into a single i-Port Advance ™

    I agree to inform the diabetes team responsible for my/my child’s care that i-Port Advance ™ is being used.

    Communication Preferences

    Medtronic may contact me with information regarding technical support related to the device in my possession, diabetes therapy, product improvements, new technologies, marketing, advertising and promotional information, materials or documents and other news via.

    Please enter your contact number

    Please enter a valid email address

    Please enter your full postal address, including your name.

    Additionally, I understand that:

    • Medtronic may contact me for feedback concerning product satisfaction, product information updates, product recalls or safety issues for follow-up care and in order to optimise it's products and services.
    • Medtronic may use and release my personal data to it's affiliates, including Medtronic in the United States, and third party service providers who carry out services on it's behalf, such as invoicing, accounting, technical services and all other type of support as may be required in connection with the device in my possession.
    • I can withdraw or update my consent at any time by writing to Medtronic or via the website. 

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