Pocket CPR®

Pocket CPR®

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About PocketCPR

CPR delivery is physically and mentally demanding, and bystanders often lack confidence or are afraid they will harm the victim. PocketCPR increases confidence and reinforces skills learned in CPR training.

This FDA cleared device reminds the rescuer what to do before initiating CPR and coaches the rescuer with feedback during CPR. PocketCPR delivers ZOLL Medical Corporation’s proven Real CPR Help® technology in a light, portable device that measures and provides real-time feedback about the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR.

PocketCPR instructs the user to:

  • Stay calm
  • Call for help
  • Start CPR
  • Durable and reusable
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PocketCPR features:

  • Real-time verbal feedback
  • Audible metronome
  • Visual indicators

PocketCPR prompts the user with audible and visual feedback to perform CPR consistent with the 2010 American Heart Association (AHA) and International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) Guidelines and European Resus – compression depth of at least 2 inches (5-6 cm). Real CPR Help® technology, as used in ZOLL’s AED Plus® and AED Pro® defibrillators, accurately measures the rate and depth of each chest compression.

PocketCPR also coaches the rescuer to provide compressions at a rate of at least 100 per minute by following the audible and visual metronome during CPR. If good compressions are delivered, PocketCPR will respond with “good compressions” and flash four LED lights.

If good compressions are not being delivered, PocketCPR will instruct the user to “push harder” and will flash just one LED. An audible metronome helps guide the proper rate of compression.

PocketCPR is the perfect device for use in an emergency rescue situation, for practice following CPR training, and as a training aid for CPR Instructors.

It is strongly recommended that users have training in CPR. PocketCPR is intended to assist in the performance of AHA/ILCOR Guidelines recommended CPR on victims 8 years of age or older.