Tanita HS-302

Tanita HS-302

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If you are concerned about the environment as well as your weight, the Tanita HS-302 is the perfect scale for you.

Made from bio-degradable plastic, this eco-scale will work with either natural or artificial light.

The HS-302 uses highly sensitive solar cells for its power source.  The platform is durable and heat-resistant.  It is made using a plant-based plastic material formed from a biomass resin that is mainly composed of polylactic acid from fermented corn and other plant starches.

Carbon dioxide emissions are about 380 grams less per unit compared to emissions from scales made using traditional petroleum-based plastic materials.

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  • No batteries required
  • Operates using natural and artificial light
  • Tap-on activation
  • Robust construction
  • Bio-degradable plastic
  • Toe-tap activation button


  • Capacity: 150kg or 23 stone and 8lbs
  • Graduation weight: 100g


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