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ArkoRelax Stress Control capsules

SKU 41070219

Arkorelax® Stress Control is a dietary supplement that combines two adaptogenic plant extracts and high-absorption magnesium to help better withstand periods of overwork and strengthen your physical and emotional resistance, while also decreasing fatigue.

An innovative, comprehensive formula to better manage stress!

When your body is repeatedly subjected to stressful situations, it tires physically and mentally, generating latent fatigue that heightens your body’s sensitivity to pressure.

With its innovative and comprehensive formula, Arkorelax® Stress Control combines 2 complementary adaptogenic plants with magnesium and vitamin B6 to boost your overall stress management

  • Better withstand professional and personal overwork by stimulating your physical and mental performances through Rhodiola
  • Achieve emotional and physical well-being through Eleutherococcus
  • Reduce fatigue and keep your psychological functions sound, in particular during periods of overwork, through Magnesiumand Vitamin B6.

Arkorelax® Stress Control does not contain any titanium dioxide, and is non habit-forming.

Description of ingredients

Magnesium glycero phosphate – Bulking agents: cellulose, calcium phosphate – Eleutherococcus root extract (Eleutherococcus senticosus (Rupr. ex Maxim.) Maxim.) – Rhodiola root extract (Rhodiola rosea (L.) Scop.) – Anti-caking agents: mono/diglycerides of fatty acids, magnesium stearate – Starch – Vitamin B6.

Coating: Coating agents: cellulose and derivatives, stearic acid – Coloring agent: calcium carbonate – Spirulina and apple coloring concentrate.

Average nutritional information: 

  For 2 tablets For 3 tablets
Siberian Ginseng extract (root)
Dry plant equivalent
300 mg
3 g
450 mg
4.5 g
Rhodiola extract (root)
Dry plant equivalent
180 mg
900 mg
270 mg
1350 mg
Magnesium 60 mg
(16% des RDI*)
90 mg
(24% des RDI*)
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg
(100% RDI*)
2.1 mg
(150% RDI*)
*RDI: Reference Daily Intake



Dietary supplement. For adults only.
  • For occasional stress (exams, overwork, etc.): Take 2 tablets in the morning and 1 at noon, to be swallowed with a large glass of water.
  • Periods of stress: Take 2 tablets in the morning, to be swallowed with a large glass of water.