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FREE Shipping on orders over €30

BurnAid Kit

SKU 7007711

All in one home kit contains 1 10cm x 10cm dressing, 5 x 3.5g Hydrogel sachets and 1 x gauze dressing. 

  • Specifically designed for the treatment of burns.
  • Cools & soothes to relieve pain.
  • Hydrogel based formulations.
  • Used by paramedics during the transport of burn patients.
  • For the first aid treatment of minor burns only. Please seek medical attention for serious burns.

Ensure that your first aid cabinet is fully stocked with this Burnaid Burn Kit. Ideal for home, workplace and for recreation or travel. Help to treat the immediate concerns associated with a burn patient - 

  • Pain
    • Inflammation
      • Contamination

        BurnAid Used by Paramedics

        • BurnAid is used by Paramedics in Australia and various markets in Europe.
          • BurnAid is used post initial First Aid as part of the transport protocol to Emergency Departments.

            First-Aid Treatment

            1. Stop the burning process - remove the person from the area / burn source
            2. Remove any clothing or jewellary near the burn area
            3. Cool the burn - run the burn under cool water for at least 10 minutes
            4. Do not use ice, as this may cause further skin damage
            5. Treat the burn liberally with BurnAid Burn Spray (every half hour - 3 hours)
            6. Cover the burn with the BurnAid dressing

            BurnAid gel or dressings can also be used as immediate first aid in case running water is not available, or until running water can be applied.


            Using Advice

            BurnAid is for the first aid treatment of minor burns only. Please seek medical attention for more serious burns. For external use only. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. BurnAid dressing is not recommended for use for more than 2 hours.

            If Hydrogels are used for prolonged periods of time and on large body surface areas there is risk of hypothermia. For this reason, dressings should not be applied to adults with >20% BSA burns and children with >10% BSA burns.

            BurnAid products are not recommended for use in children under the age of 2.