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FREE Shipping on orders over €30

Medtronic i-Port Advance™


10 pack, Medtronic i-Port Advance™ Injection Port is a product that can be used by both adults and children who use a pen or syringe to inject prescribed medications. 6mm needle.

Reviews from i-Port Users:

"My son of 9 was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and the injections were becoming increasingly more difficult.  His little legs were becoming a dartboard and each injection hurt as it was hitting a bruise from the previous one.  I heard about the I-Port from  another parent and decided to try it.  At first the cost put me off due to being on a very low income, however after a seriously distressing injection I just ordered it.  I am now a continuous buyer of this product. 

It has given my son a little bit of life back.  He is so much more independent than before as he now does it himself and this is wonderful.  He is able to do it at school without someone having to do it for him, so he has even more control.  It may seem a little expensive but when you get the box of 10 and see the relief on your child's face after each injection it is so worth every penny.  I will use these now every 3 days until he moves onto the pump. I would highly recommend this product for any child with Type 1 Diabetes." - Dee F.

"The i-Port advance has been a lifesaver for us - our little boy was only 5 when diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. It really helped with the needle phobia he had, so much so 6 years on we still use it!! We wouldn't be without it!" - Julie McD.

"My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 7 years old, she had always been terrified of needles and the first year after diagnosis was really tough until we heard about the i-Port. Not only did this make her life so much easier it also gave her the freedom to do all her injections completely pain free and after only using the i-Port for a few months she was able to put the i-Port on easily all by herself. We would totally recommend the i-Port to anyone having to inject themselves it eased our lives so much and also made the transition to a pump so much easier." - Caroline S. 

"I think this is an excellent product. My son is doing 7 injections a day and this takes the stress away and makes it much easier for him." - Catherine M. 

"Since beginning to use the i-Port I’ve found it to be a great help to manage my blood sugar levels as it requires much fewer injections! Would recommend to anyone having to take injections for sure." - Eva G. 

i-Port Advance™ injection port lets you take your medication without having to puncture your skin for each shot. There is only one application required every three days. This means you can reduce the number of punctures from up to 15 to 1 over that time period. The Ideal Customer

    • Newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes, not ready for a pump.
    • Type 2 diabetes patients wishing to reduce the amount of injections.

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