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MyPro Diacare

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MyPro Diacare is an orange flavoured unique food supplement containing a balanced blend of glucose electrolytes, minerals and probiotic strain: Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GGA brand new oral hydration solution for children.

    • Balanced electrolytes plus probiotic digestive care.
    • Diacare is for adults and children from the age of 3+ years.
    • Reduces the risk of dehydration and contains magnesium which contributes to electrolyte balance.
    • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG  may help to restore and repopulate the equilibrium of intestinal microflora.
    • Contains chloride which contributes to normal digestion by production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
    • Unique dual-chambered sachet ensures the stability of the probiotic fibre.
    • Carbohydrate electrolyte solutions enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise.
    • Diacare is a powder formulation of oral suspension. The box consists of 12 dual-chambered sachets (12 servings). Each sachet consists of two chambers.
    • May help to restore and repopulate the equilibrium of intestinal microflora
    • Balanced electrolytes plus digestive care

Directions for use:
    • To prepare one serving, dissolve all contents of one dual-chambered sachet into 200ml of water.
    • Use the prepared solution within 24 hours.
    • Discard any unused solution.
    • Diacare pack contains - 12 Duocam Dual Sachets.

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