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FREE Shipping on orders over €30

PoxClin CoolMousse

SKU 1000731

PoxClin CoolMousse - Promotes Healing and Prevents Scarring.

PoxClin CoolMousse contains a unique bioactive bacterial blocker for an effective treatment to sooth the itch, to recondition the skin and to help prevent scar tissue formation. PoxClin CoolMousse can be easily and hygienically applied to the areas of affected skin.

PoxClin contains 2QR, a Bio-Active Bacterial Blocker. This blocker helps your child's skin's natural skin barrier by blocking harmful bacteria. The bacterial blocker in PoxClin is a polysaccharide derived from the Aloe Barbadensis plant.

Advantages of PoxClin CoolMousse and 2QR: 

    • No harsh chemicals or toxic substances.
    • Blocks harmful bacteria and microbes from causing infections.
    • Prevents scar tissue formation.
    • No negative impact on the body's own cells.
    • Accelerates natural healing process.
    • Does not provoke resistance.
    • No negative side-effects.
    • Non-toxic.
    • Instant cooling effect for immediate relief of chickenpox symptoms.
    • Can be used on damaged and scratched skin.

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