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FREE Shipping with orders over €30
in the Republic of Ireland

Tonstix Honey & Strawberry - 6 Jelly Pops

SKU 10001


An Innovative all–natural child friendly honey jelly pop for toddlers to tweens that comforts through seasonal ailments.

Tonstix are 100% medicinal free and are packed with all the goodness of honey. The unique combination of honey and jelly dissolves in the mouth, naturally coating your little ones throat.

Immune Supporting Ingredients

Created by pharmacy experts, Tonstix is a source of Vitamin C and Zinc which are known to contribute to the normal function of the immune system.


Tonstix Honey Jelly Pops come in delicious Strawberry, bursting with a flavour children love! Tonstix main ingredient is Honey, each pop also contains 15% of your childs recommended daily intake of Zinc & Vitamin C.

Unique Stick  Design

Every element of Tonstix  was designed with children in mind.

Tonstix unique stick person shape is a fun yet important feature as the arms prevent a child from inserting the pop too far into their mouth.

The flat head encourages the sucking reflex and helps soothe upset children because an unhappy child makes for an unhappy parent.